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How I Work – Getting Things Done with

Posted November 10 2013

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m part of a group of company leaders called 10xCEO. 10xCEO is much like a Vistage or YPO group, but no spouses, limited social functions, all focused on becoming a better CEO / Leader.

Annually, we have a 2 day summit we call “Galt’s Gulch” when each leader presents a segment on best practices.

This year I had the privilege of presenting to the group, and offered up a lesson on how I both manage my life / team leveraging my own flavor of the “Getting Things Done” philosophy of David Allen, in unison with the SAAS task management tool

While the presentation is focused around how to run a company, I use this methodology to keep my investments, as well as my personal life organized.

Every morning I wake up, empty my inboxes, and look at two things.

1. What do I owe others today ( in actions or feedback )
2. What am I owed today by others ( in actions or feedback )

Having this dashboard lets me keep monotonous things out of my mind, and focus on higher level thinking. While we all have a tendency to hover over our inboxes, this takes away from higher level thinking time.

Whether your the captain of a company or just CEO of your own life, GTD + Flow can make you a more efficient, accountable, and focused leader.

If you are looking for a system to become more efficient and the “Captain and Commander” of your own life, try reading GTD and implementing your own flavor of it with

Please let me know what you think of how I work and how I can improve!