Future You

Posted December 26 2011

Most of us set some bullshit new years resolution, most of the time around losing weight or making more money.

Whatever your future vision of yourself is you’re trying to accomplish is, without some modicum of accountability you are¬†impairing¬†your chances of success.

What I like to do is to write myself a letter to be opened next year around what I want the “Future Chris” to look like. The process forces me to organize my thoughts around health, family, business, interpersonal relationships, money, et cetera.

This exercise “frames” up the next 12 months for me. I’d recommend you do the same.

The 1.0 way to do this, is to draft yourself a letter, seal it in an envelope, hide it somewhere, and put a note on your calendar to open it December 26th 2012.

The 2.0 way I like to do it is through FutureMe.org, a great little free service which allows you to draft yourself a note to be emailed to you on a specific date.

While I won’t share exactly all of my 2012 goals are with you, I can tell you that sitting down and writing it gave me some great clarity on not only what I want to be doing in 2012, but what i DONT want to be doing as well.

The closest way to predict your own future is to decide on it today and create it.